A Traditionally Styled Home Goes High-Tech

We designed a 2,000 square foot home which uses natural forces and logical combinations of systems to produce a very energy efficient home and to keep the cost moderate. The traditional style of the home masks the state-of-the-art technology that lies beneath the surface. Using a solar panel array (installed adjacent to the house) and a battery backup system, 100% of the electrical power is generated from the sun, making this house completely off the grid. This combined with radiant floor heating, extra thick insulation, south facing glass and an open floor plan, make this an ultra-eficent classic. 


Location: Kennedy, New York

Project Completion Estimated Spring 2018

Principal in Charge: Don Harrington, Architect, LEED AP

Architecture Firm: Harrington Architecture


Historic Packard Manor with outdoor kitchen and garage addition.

Above: This two story house with a large over look loft is powered by a solar array providing all of the electrical power required. (Rendering)

Construction Progress: Exterior Siding, Roofing and Windows Installed.

Construction Progress: Interior Spray Foam Insulation Complete.

Finished Photo of the Kimball Residence