Owned by the Reg Lenna Civic Center, the Ellicott Apartments has been restored and now contains several apartments upstairs and a restaurant on the first floor.

A Buffalo Bill billboard was unearthed during the restoration. The Reg Lenna had tackled the dismantling of a crumbling facade from one of its buildings, scheduling the procedure at night due to the location in an area of high tourist traffic. Despite low light conditions and late hours, one of the crew members discovered tattered paper faces and text beneath the brick facade. The object on the wooden wall underlying the bricks proved to be an entire 10' x 26' advertisement for a very early Buffalo Bill, a.k.a William Cody theatrical touring show from 1878. William Cody and his theatrical troupe (the "Buffalo Bill Combination") had performed a melodrama in Jamestown's historic Allen Opera House soon after the billboard was posted. The enormous advertisement had been pasted up on a building under construction, bricked over and forgotten for over a century. (from Western New York Heritage Magazine Winter 2009)

The billboard was carefully removed and restored and is now a part of a museum collection of Old West artifacts.

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Location: Downtown Jamestown Historic District

Jamestown, NY


Principal in Charge: Don Harrington, architect, LEED AP

Architecture Firm: Harrington-Sandberg